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If you are suffering from foot pain of any sort we are confident we will have a solution for you. But we know choosing a practice to take care of you is not so simple.

When you're in pain or suffering in some way it's important for you to find healthcare professionals that you can trust. So we want to give you an opportunity here to get to know each of our team members a little bit more.

"Many people will walk in and out of our lives, but only true friends leave footprints on our hearts."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Gill Renouf, Podiatrist at Footprints Clinic, Hull

Gillian Renouf

Chiropodist, BSc (hons), MssCh MBChA, HPCP reg CH20585

Hi, I'm Gill and I'm the owner of, and one of the clinicians at, Footprints Clinic. I've been practicing in this area for over 23 years and lots of the patients I see have been coming since I started here. In fact, our busy and successful practice has been built on word of mouth recommendations which is wonderful.

I love my job and I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction knowing that people leave the clinic feeling so much better as well as having enjoyed their time here with us.

I have a particular interest in the care of the elderly foot and I especially enjoy working with very neglected feet. I also feel that one of my real strengths is dealing with vulnerable or nervous, patients of any age. So if you're worried about your visit to see us I hope you won't feel that way for long.

I have also trained in toenail reconstruction and I really enjoy the fact that men and women who were previously embarrassed by their ugly or damaged toenails can now enjoy the freedom of wearing summer sandals again.

As the owner of the practice, I am passionate about making sure every one of our clients feel cared for and listened to from the moment they walk through the door. My hope has always been that we are an oasis of calm and compassion in a busy world.

When I'm not working I love gardening, yoga, DIY, walking, reading, and spending time with my family. Recently I became a grandparent and I am really loving my new role as a ‘nana’.

Karan Ray, Podiatrist at Footprints Clinic, Hull

Karan Reay

BSc (Hons) PodMed, Extended Scope Podiatry Practitioner. HCPC reg CH32066

Hello, I'm Karan and I'm a podiatrist here at Footprints Clinic.

One question I get asked a lot is "do you enjoy your job?" and my answer is always – "YES! I love it!" Each day is different and each patient is different too, not only bringing different problems, injuries, foot conditions but each patient is a new person to meet and get to know.

During just one day in the clinic, I could be treating verrucae, reducing thick and overgrown nails, removing corns, giving footwear advice, treating arthritic joints with mobilisation or using wax therapy – each clinical day can be so different!

My main aim is always to help people get back to being active and stay mobile and. I find it so rewarding to be able to help people walk pain free knowing I've made a difference.

I graduated as a Podiatrist in 2010 from Huddersfield University. Since then I've been passionate about broadening my skills and knowledge to help my patients more. So far I've studied acupuncture, steroid injection therapy, and joint mobilisation so that I can provide individual and mixed treatment options for my patients.

When I'm not in clinic I enjoy short walks with my dog (poor thing is getting old!), reading, going to the gym, and theatre trips – and most of all I enjoy spending time with family!

Louise Mcloughlin, Massage Therapist at Footprints Clinic, Hull

Louise Mcloughlin

Massage Therapist, BTEC Level 5 Sports Massage

Hello, I am Louise the massage therapist at Footprints. I 've worked here for 10 years now and continue to enjoy my job helping my clients to relieve discomfort from muscle pain, injuries, improve circulation, stress relief and relaxation.

The treatments I offer range from a deep tissue massage, Indian head massage, sports massage, aromatherapy, hot stones and Swedish massage.

I will always work with and adapt for the health and well-being of each individual client that I see so the mix of therapies I use varies from client to client.

Away from work I enjoy the great outdoors and spending time and positive energy with all my family and dogs either on the coast or in the countryside.

You can find out more about me here at

David Pickering, Osteopath at Footprints Clinic, Hull

David Pickering

ND BSc (Hons) Ost.Med.  MBMAS.  Registered Osteopath, Medical Acupuncturist

Hi, I’m David Pickering I'm an osteopath here at Footprints and I started working here in 2009.

I love being an osteopath as it gives me a unique opportunity to help people who are often in pain, raise people’s awareness and educate them about their bodies to get them moving more easily.

I get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing my patients leave with a smile on their face, often feeling much better than before they came to the clinic.

My particular area of interest is the use of acupuncture to ease pain in all sorts of areas as well as improve people’s mobility, anxiety levels, and quality of sleep.

I qualified in 2001 from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, London. In doing so, I was awarded the college’s Anatomy Prize for finishing top of my year in this subject.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my gorgeous wife and two beautiful daughters. I am also a keen amateur triathlete and open water swimmer. In 2017 I swam the full length of Lake Windermere, a total of 17km and in 2019 I completed my first Ironman triathlon, a total of 140.6 miles of swim, bike and run!

You can find out more about me here at

Tricia Wright, Integrated Therapist at Footprints Clinic,Hull

Tricia Wright

MAR-CThA-GHR – Integrated Therapist

Hi there, my name is Tricia and I am an integrated therapist with 23 years of clinical experience. I joined Footprints in 2005. My aim is to provide non-invasive health solutions through a range of therapies, which include Clinical Reflexology, Acupressure,  Reiki, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hopi ear candling.

These therapies restore balance to the mind and body and help reduce pain and stimulate the body’s natural healing process. This can work with both physical pain such as muscular aches, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica, poor circulation or hormonal imbalances, and also with the emotional pain of loss, trauma,  stress and anxiety. It is generally acknowledged that relaxation can improve health and well-being, and I achieve this by creating a tailor made treatment plan which may involve utilising one or more of these therapies.

When time allows, I’m whizzing down the country in my super duper little mini to visit with my lovely family in the midlands. I do love pottering in the garden, although sometimes it feels a bit like fire fighting. I’m also enjoying a bit of upcycling and have recently transformed a 1930’s cocktail cabinet to fit in with my recently renovated lounge.

You can find out more about me here at

Kerry Spokes, Receptionist at Footprints Clinic, Hull

Kerry Spokes

Hi, I'm Kerry and I am the receptionist here at Footprints and I've been here for over 11 years.

I love my job as receptionist because I get to meet and welcome so many lovely and interesting people into the clinic, many of whom become regular clients, so I have the great pleasure of really getting to know them.

I am fortunate enough to be part of an amazing, supportive, caring and successful team at Footprints, who I think of as my work family. Not everyone can say that they love their job - but I truly can and for that I consider myself very lucky.

When I'm not working, I am usually enjoying time with my family, chasing around after grandchildren, walking with my dog, or taking on some kind of DIY project.

Jo Cranwell, Receptionist at Footprints Clinic, Hull

Jo Cranwell

I am Jo, I have worked at Footprints for 8 years. I love my job because I consider myself lucky to work with a great team who all share the same passion for people.

I meet lovely people every day working between the Beauty Room and the Reception Desk.

When not working I love to spend time with family and friends.

Beryl, Receptionist at Footprints Clinic, Hull


Beryl is our newest member of staff, having recently joined the reception team.
We'll be sharing more of her story once she's had chance to settle in.

Welcome on board Beryl!